How it all started…

Hello, my name is Andrea and my husband name is Tony and soon will be adding a new member to the family! We are the owners of Andream. We are family owned business with big dreams. Bringing diversity, and culture through our brand. 

For years I've dreamed of owning my own online boutique. Thanks to a lot of work and sacrifice we were able to open our first online store, Andream Boutique. When opening our boutique 3 years ago we knew we wanted to expand it. We felt the jewelry business was missing something and we made it our mission to add our little sparkle into it. 

Our mission is to have handmade accessories that reflect the everyday style, and be a true staple to your closet. We love designing our jewelry for our stores and enjoy working alongside women in Latin America creating beautiful master pieces. The purchase of our jewelry helps to continue in creating job opportunities for them and provide for their family.

We can't wait for you to wear these special pieces and carry them in your stores!

Know every order is package with so much love! ❤



Andrea & Tony